Monday, 28th November 2016

During my first 3 months of breastfeeding Jacob I was lucky enough to have an over supply of milk (oddly with Hunter I was constantly attached to my pump to increase my milk supply) I had about 20 bags of milk I couldn't use for Jacob as at the time I couldn't get him to take a bottle and he didn't seem to take to the taste of thawed breast milk. 

 I  remember the struggle I had feeding Hunter , It was an exhausting and emotional part of my life due to my own insecurities and self doubt. I was trying so hard and was so stressed that I wasn't producing enough milk for him. At one of my maternal health appointments they had told me he had lost weight and I just remember bawling and feeling like I was failing him. Breast feeding is hard work and a lot of people either choose not to or sadly have their choice taken from them, this is why I decided to join the community of Women donating milk to those who choose to only supply breast milk to their babies. Don't get me wrong formula is the next best thing and both my boys at 7 months went onto formula but many choose not to which is their decision.

I remember my mum actually telling me a story of how she had me and was looking after her friends baby so she could go and get her hair done. Her baby was so hungry she was absolutely bawling, mind you in those days they didn't have mobile phones. The poor darling was hungry and she had already drank her reserve bottle.  Mum naturally did what any breast feeding mum out there would do in this situation and she fed her baby.  That really stuck with me, mothers helping each other out to the point of stepping in if needed. It's rare these days but it doesn't need to be.

 I found a donation page called Human Milk For Human Babies for local Mums on the hunt for breast milk to use to feed their babies.

Another site is called Mothers Milk Bank they screen breast milk so this organization is approved by the World Health Organization. You can request or donate.

Since having children I have an automatic respect for any mother from any walk of life, I get really down as with technology  comes trolling other parents and their choices . I get really sad at knowing  people hide behind computers attacking other mums for their choices instead of supporting them , this creates fear to those mums and prevents them opening up and sharing.  This saddens me to my core, but coming across this way of supporting and giving back really lifted my spirits and gave me some fresh faith in regards to a large group of online supportive mothers.  

Love Tara Hayes