Sunday, 16th October 2016

I have a VERY alert and busy 5 month old boy, since he was even 3 months he has never wanted to be on his tummy, back or even in a bouncer. He has simply wanted to stand up and see the world. Having a shower or doing anything really was a huge challenge as he would just grizzle, until I picked him up to either stand on my lap or walk him around forward facing in a carrier. You can imagine what my car trips are like (him being rear facing), it consists of constant screaming or grizzling episodes every.single.time.

I was  scrolling on facebook during one of the delightful 3am feeds and came across a Skip Hop post showing a 3 stage activity centre that grows with your child and wrote asking where I could get one from. At the time they were only available overseas but now they have touched down in good old Australian soil, HOORAY. Honestly this has changed my life. I can now do things with 2 arms! Hunter can also be level to him and interact and play with him.

Big brother Hunter showing Jacob how it works.

One thing I can't stand is waste. Wasting money on things you only use for a short time, that's one of the things I liked this product as it grows with your child and can be used as a drawing or eating table for when they get to the toddler stage. Another thing I liked was that the seat has a 360 degrees rotation, giving Jacob the freedom to explore and play without getting frustrated at being stuck in the one spot. So he feels like he is walking.

So a little run down for you.....It's 3 stage so can be used from 4 months until toddler years (see below).

RRP $319

Love Tara Hayes