Sunday, 9th October 2016

Getting Jacob to take a bottle was a new challenge for me as Hunter had a bottle of expressed breast milk from 4 weeks of age and had no issues converting to one after I stopped breastfeeding him. What I didn't know was that you should introduce a bottle from 4-6 weeks  (not before as it can disturb and confuse their latching) as it gets them used to drinking from a bottle before they get to that "fussy period" according to a blog I was reading (created by a lactation consultant/ midwife).

I have a few weddings and events coming which are impossible to bring Jacob too so we will need him to have milk from a bottle for him to be minded.  Another reason is I felt a little shy breastfeeding at spotless stadium and the ANZ Stadium surrounded by 5-30,000 people while my little cheek of a bub pulls on and off giggling and looking around while spilling milk and revealing my nipple for all to see at the football! Wow wouldn't that be a sight ! So a bottle was a way I could comfortably feed him while attending the G.W.S Giants games.

Sooooo I went and did what most mums do when faced with this dilemma; I went out and spent a small fortune on every bottle that was stocked in the store, hopeful that he would take 1 out of the lot.  I went for popular brands , to recommendations that worked for most of the mums from Mothers Group to even buying an overseas bottle that literally looked like a breast and nipple! 

To my disappointment he wasn't fooled. Even with the soft breast-look-a-like bottle with a slow flow teat! He literally looked at me in disgust and then chewed on it like a teething toy.

I even tried other people feeding him with thawed breast milk from the freezer, fridge to even fresh breast milk. Different teats you name it. 

But alas finally something worked.... 

A Closer To Nature slow flow teat with freshly pumped breast milk , so that's kept on the bench, so not stored in the fridge or freezer it literally had to be straight from the source. Talk about fussy. In my desperate attempts at succeeding this challenge I researched in depth, put it this way there wasn't a minute of time wasted while I breast fed during the night feeds.

Did you know that apparently the milk can taste a little sour when it's thawed. The look on his face communicated that perfectly.  


I found having Jacob sitting in a pram, bounce chair or car seat was really good as he didn't seem to turn to me to say he preferred to feed from me, he just latched onto the bottle. Also when their really hungry it sometimes help as they tend to be too hungry to fuss or muck around.

 I think persistence is the key for me and making sure he has a bottle ever couple of days to get him used to it. 

Gee It's a lot of work!

Love Tara Hayes