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Think of this blog as a mothers group notice board, where I openly share my little secrets and discoveries. Previously a full time Brand Manager turned Mummy to our active  little boy Hunter and another on the way this year.  Devoted wife to a man who saw past my  inability to cook or iron and married me anyway.

The first year I became a Mother (like many) I was adjusting to my new identity and responsibility. I had learned so much in 12 months and to be honest it was a bit of a blur, as they say nothing prepares you to be a parent. Becoming a mother for the first time I lacked the skills, confidence, sleep, the ability to back myself and sometimes the feeling of isolation. Hunter cat napped for 20min at a time and hardly slept a wink for 3 months unless I was walking around in circles at the park or driving around the block a million times just so he could sleep. I also had problems feeding and couldn't help but feel like I was failing. Some days you feel so tired that you cant even get up to shower or even change out of your clothes, let alone brush your hair! Like many I received a hard dose of reality after having my baby. The best thing I ever did but also the hardest. My respect and love for my fellow mummies became so strong after going thru this new journey. So this blog was created and dedicated to these amazing ladies.  The support we all give each other is incredible and I feel so blessed to be apart of this community of Women.

What does 2017 bring?

Firstly where has 2016 gone!?

Now a mummy of 2 busy boys I have no idea what is going on and simply live day by day. Where have I been and what have I done? In one word.... nothing. Juggling part time work and keeping up with my busy bunnies has made me not know what day or time it is. Do I feel on top of everything? Not at all. 

Thank you for popping by! I do hope I can connect you to something that will help you on your motherhood journey.

"Always offer help to those around you, as some day it may be returned to you when you need it the most."

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